Top Gear America, are you kidding?

Top Gear (2002 TV series)

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Top Gear, the most popular show on BBC is now coming  to  the History channel. Great news, one may think, but there is no Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond or James May. Those guys cause us to sit and watch as they do their stupidity, and also cause us to drool at the quality of cars they drive each season. When we sit to watch Top Gear we are prepared to be educated and entertained at the same time.  The moment the show starts until it ends there is not one gloomy moment. Those British blokes  will not be the host of the American top gear, here is who we will get:

Adam Ferrara, a comedian and an actor in TV shows like “The Job” and “Rescue Me”. I have never heard of him but I am sure there are thousands who do.

Adam Ferrara

There is also Tanner Foust, this info is from the history channel’s website,

Tanner Foust is in high-demand as a stunt driver, with film credits including The Bourne Ultimatum, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and The Dukes of Hazard. Foust is a winning competitor in rally, drift, ice racing and time attack with multiple champion podium placements in the past few years including the 2007 X Games Rally Champion and 2007 Formula Drift Pro Drift Champion. His varied race experience includes open wheel competition, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb (2002 – 2004), five Ice Racing championships and the 2005 PGT Rally Championship. He also holds class lap records at numerous U.S. road courses in Time Attack. Tanner’s driving career started early when he was fired from his job driving a ski resort bus for drifting across the parking lot.

I have seen this guy racing with another gear head in the Speed TV series “Battle of the Super cars.”

Tanner Foust

The third is Rutledge Wood, I think out of them all, he is the most impressive. Here is the History Channel’s bio;

Rutledge Wood is truly car-obsessed and at an early age learned from his father the business of buying, restoring and selling new and old vehicles. His love of cars led him to NASCAR, and to starring in NASCAR Smarts on the SPEED Channel, a NASCAR trivia game show with Kyle Petty and John Roberts. He’s also a roving reporter for NASCAR RaceDay Built by the Home Depot, Trackside Live and NASCAR Live. To this day, Wood has owned over 40 cars and trucks ranging from a Volkswagen Rabbit pickup truck to Hondas, Chevys and even the obscure 1975 Bricklin SV-1. His favorite is a 1953 Plymouth Suburban that was given to him by “the king” himself, Richard Petty.

Rutledge Wood

I hope I am wrong but I am not too much excited about the Top gear America except for the Rutledge guy, he seems like he is very excited about cars. Here is the preview

Knowing that Adam is a comedian, I sure hope he is not going to try to say funny things just for laughs. I will watch with an opened mind and hope that they do their best, maybe not as the BBC version, but as creative, both with the video and the genius of the three. The videos of BBC Top Gear are awesome, it pulls the viewer in the excitements. Sometime watching the show I can feel the adrenalin, suspense and excitement. It is great that the History channel is bringing such a show to the US, but I hope the guys have the same enthusiasm. I want to see and hear the excitement about cars.I hope they are not just trying to blow up things for blowing up sake. I checked and cannot find much on these guys driving or talking much about cars except Tanner Foust. I am very skeptical about the show, as I said I will watch with an open mind.


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